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The Paulaner Brewery, founded 1634 in Munich by the monks of St. Paola, has played a significant role in establishing Munich’s reputation as the ‘beer capital of the world’. Paulaner Brewery is the leading brewery in Bavaria and its beers are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Today Paulaner is known around the world for premium quality beers. The Paulaner monks began their tradition of slow, handcrafted brewing using only the four basic ingredients: barley, hops, yeast and water. Today, more than 375 years later, Paulaner continues its early commitment to quality and all natural ingredients based on this ‘Reinheitsgebot’ (Purity law) from 1516.

It takes 4 weeks for each batch of fresh pure Paulaner beer from fermentation to consumption.

After maturation, all our microbrewery beers are served unpasteurized, unstrained and naturally cloudy with all natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals. No chemicals, no preservation. They come directly from the brewers tub into your glass.


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Zhongshan Road(south), Shangcheng District Lixing shoppingmall 4th floor, 310008, Hangzhou, P.R.China

Phone: 0571-56668225/56668229


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Communication Design

Prizewinning excellence in communication design: Red Dot Award for the brand identity of Paulaner Bräuhäuser Worldwide

29.08.2017. For years, the Red Dot Award has been recognising projects and work of outstanding quality, ranging from product design to all facets of brand communication. Over 8,000 examples of high-quality work from around the world were entered this year, from which 24 experts selected the winners in the individual categories during a process lasting several days. That level of competition makes us all the happier that Paulaner this year ended up on the winner’s podium in the Brand Identity category – the most wide-ranging of all communication disciplines – for the reworked Corporate Identity of Paulaner Bräuhäuser worldwide.

Our Paulaner restaurant concept represents a contemporary Munich “Wirtshaus”. It is a place where you can make friends and enjoy excellent Bavarian food and beer - with all your senses. The culinary focus is on “social food” - big sharing plates - and genuine Bavarian specialties. Our concept represent a love affair of modern life and Munich identity. Whether brewing process, kitchen or interior design - we rely on our regional origin, quality materials and authentic crafts. For our concept, we combine the love of tradition with current catering trends. The craftsmanship is to be honored. The claim to authenticity, quality and profitability is very high in all areas. All that effort makes it even more satisfying that the concept has been recognized by the expert jury of the Red Dot Award.

Lars Eckart, managing director of Paulaner Franchise & Consulting GmbH, who is responsible for the Paulaner Bräuhäuser businesses together with Jürgen Schenk, says: ‘I am happy that our successful product is receiving major recognition. We will continue the development of our restaurant concept in order to be able to offer our guests an authentic piece of home as well as Munich life and identity, even if they are many thousands of kilometres away from the city. It makes things even better that the visualisation of this approach by the agency implementing it, SchleeGleixner, which bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary interpretation, has received international recognition with the Red Dot Award.’

Take a seat and enjoy your downtime in one of our Bräuhäuser.
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Welcome to Paulaner Bräuhaus München

Freshly brewed beer has always been part of Munich’s lifestyle. The first Paulaner Bräuhaus opened in Munich, in 1989 at Kapuzinerplatz – the beginning of a true success story.

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